CEI Tech PCB Electronics Design
CEI Tech Electronics Design

Electronics Design

Designing electronics can be a daunting task.  CEI Tech does the heavy lifting for you and your project by offering full in-house electronics and PCB (printed circuit board) design.  With the capability to design and produce PCBs with both surface-mounted and through-hole components, complete with circuit design schematics and bill of materials (BOM),  our team can design, develop, test, and manufacture simple-to-complex assemblies that are essential for your overall project. 

Sheet Metal Design

Sheet metal design and fabrication, similar to that of CNC machining, produces highly durable parts that are made to your specifications.  Sheet metal design is most commonly used in applications such as enclosures, chassis, and brackets.  Although sheet metal parts are generally made from a roll of stock material that is less than 0.25″ thick, thicknesses up to 1″/1.5″ may be used with the laser and plasma cutters, respectively. Fabricated sheet metal parts can serve as effective, well-performing prototypes or as end-use production parts. 

CEI for LEI HX710 Sheet Metal Design Exploded
CEI for LEI HX8410 Enclosure Exploded Lines
CEI Tech
General Machining Services

General Machining

In addition to CEI Tech’s precision CNC MachiningInjection Molding, and Vacuum Forming services, CEI Tech handles all of your general machining, metal fabrication, and prototype needs in-house with its team of highly skilled machinists, engineers, and full-service machine shop.

We have the equipment and ability to machine nearly any part to exact specifications. No matter how complex the project, we provide fast and accurate service every time. 

Design and Consultant Services

CEI TECH offers full in-house design and manufacturing services to turn your idea into a reality.  From simple sketches on napkins to fleshed out CAD assemblies, we are able to take your idea and run it through our internal design processes, checking for tolerances, interferences, aesthetics, proper fitting, and manufacturability.

CEI Client Design Exploded View
CEI Client Design

If you have a Vision, We will help you to turn it into reality!


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