Why Aluminum?

Aluminum has a reputation for being the material-of-choice for prototypes and short-run production. In the last few decades, as pressure to shorten cycle time for both machining the mold and molding parts has driven the interest to a new level. Aluminum molds can be used to run all general purpose, unfilled molding resins with tool life exceeding several hundred thousand cycles per mold.

Today, aluminum offers a myriad of benefits. It is easier to cut and cools at a much more rapid rate (4-1/2 times faster) than steel. This reduces cycle time, which in turn reduces the total cost. A 15-35% savings can easily be achieved by building an aluminum mold over one built with steel. Additionally, the molding cycle savings by using an aluminum mold can add an additional 10-40% reduction in cost.

Reasons to Injection Mold

There are many reasons to choose an injection mold for your next prototype or production part run.  Here are just a few: 

Maintain Repeatable High Tolerances

Can Be Use With a Wide Range of Materials

Little to No Finish Work Necessary

Rapid Tooling Available for Short Runs and Prototype Work

Fast Delivery, 1-10 Days Typical

Just in Time Part Production and Delivery

Over-Molding and Insert Molding Available

Several Surface Finish Options Available

If you have a Vision, We will help you to turn it into reality!


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