Benefits of 3d printing

There are many reasons to choose 3D printing for your next prototype or production part run.  Here are just a few: 

Time-to-Market: 3D printing allows ideas to develop faster than ever

Save Money: Prototyping injection molds and production runs can be expensive, up-front investments

Feedback: With a prototype you can test the market by showing it to potential buyers or investors

Mitigate Risk: Be able to verify a design before investing in production

Fail Fast, Fail Cheap: test ideas quickly and discover what doesn’t work, leading to an ideal solution.

Get the Feel: One thing you can’t get from a picture is the way something feels in your hand.

Our FDM production equipment can handle individual-prints up to 300 x 300 x 400 mm  ( 11.81 x 11.81 x 15.75 in) in build volume.

Larger prints may be reviewed and their models split to better accommodate the available build volume.



3D Printing Cost Estimator:

If you have a Vision, We will help you to turn it into reality!


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